Saturday, March 10, 2012

High Collars and the Regency Era

As I mentioned in the post below, At Home by Bill Bryson is full of fun historical facts including a paragraph about the clothing worn by the Prince Regent, the future George IV:

"Some of the fashion was dictated by the ever-increasing stoutness of the prince of Wales (or "Prince of Whales," as he was known behind his back). By the time he reached his thirties, the prince had taken on such a fleshy sprawl that he had to be forcibly strapped into a corset... All this pushed his upper body fat upward through the neck hole, like toothpaste coming out of a tube, so the very high collars fashionable in his day were a kind of additional mini corset designed to hide an abundance of chins and the floppy wattle of his neck."

Now you know. :)


  1. Now that's funny! I knew he was on the heavier side, but I didn't realize he wore a corset! On a side note, was walking through Dillards with DH and saw they now make Spanx for men! Oh, my!

  2. What a lovely description! His fat being squeezed out like toothpaste! I shudder! I can see the need for the high collars! Lol!

    I heard the woman who started Spanx invested her $5000 into it and is now a millionaire, I wish I could think of something like that. Nice!

  3. Jakki, some men need Spanx. :)

    Candy, That woman is a Billionaire with a capital B. The first woman to make it on her own. I can't imagine anyone having that much money.

  4. Thanks for the laugh Mary. Quite a visual of Prinny's neck. I love Bill Bryson and I have the book At Home. Some day I'll read it again. When I have time...

  5. Now I know what I need, a corset and a high neckline....smiles.