Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Release of Dying to Write by Mary Simonsen

Today is release day for Dying to Write, the fourth in the Patrick Shea mystery series. Here's the blurb from the back jacket:

In need of a break from his job at Scotland Yard, Detective Sergeant Patrick Shea of London’s Metropolitan Police is looking forward to some quiet time at a timeshare in rural Devon in England’s West Country. However, when he arrives at The Woodlands, Patrick finds himself in the midst of a Jane Austen conference. Despite their Regency Era dresses, bonnets, and parasols, a deep divide exists between the Jane Austen fan-fiction community, those who enjoy expanding on the author’s work, and the Janeites, those devotees who think anyone who tampers with the original novels is committing a sacrilege. When one of the conference speakers is found dead in her condo, Patrick is back on the job. Is is possible that the victim was actually killed because of a book?

Great! Terrific! Wonderful! Yes? It's a little more complicated than that. Find out why at Austen Variations.

P.S. There's an excerpt.

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