Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fill Up Your Kindle or Nook

Tomorrow morning, just about the time you are enjoying your morning coffee or tea, six Austen Authors will place 28 of their eBook titles up for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This is a three-day sale (1/2, 1/3, 1/4). Here is the list of titles with their prices.

Mary Simonsen
For All the Wrong Reasons
Mr. Darcy’s Angel of Mercy
A Walk in the Meadows at Rosings Park
Captain Wentworth Home from the Sea
Three’s A Crowd, A Patrick Shea Mystery (Kindle Only)*

Darcy Goes to War (Kindle Only)*
Darcy on the Hudson
Mr. Darcy Bites Back
Becoming Elizabeth Darcy (Kindle Only)*

Abigail Reynolds
Morning Light
A Pemberley Medley

Mr. Darcy’s Refuge
Mr. Darcy’s Letter
By Force of Instinct

Marilyn Brant
Double Dipping

On Any Given Sundae
Holiday Man

Shannon Winslow
Mr. Collins’s Last Supper

The Darcy’s of Pemberley (Kindle Only)
For Myself Alone (Kindle Only)

Maria Grace
Darcy’s Decision

The Future Mrs. Darcy

Regina Jeffers
The First Wives' Club
Second Chances: The Courtship Wars

A Touch of Velvet
A Touch of Cashémere
A Touch of Grace
Honor and Hope: A Contemporary Romantica Based on Pride and Prejudice

Great way to start the new year!

*I have a promotion on Amazon for these titles. When that happens, Amazon has exclusive digital rights for 90 days. Once that time period has expired, the titles will become available on Nook.


  1. For NOOK users - I apologize. I guess I'll owe you a buck. Thought we were doing this promotion on Kindle only, so my Nook prices have not been adjusted. (Although "Mr. Collins's Last Supper" is available there for $.99!). Very sorry about the rest. :(

  2. That's a nice start to the new year! Most of them are reduced on Amazon uk too :-)

  3. You can't beat this sale - you guys rock!

  4. Thanks, Everyone. You guys are my "regulars." Always look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Thanks Mary for these GREAT deals! I just bought three of your books and I'm so excited to start reading them. Now to decide which one to start with!!:)

  6. Thanks, Kelli. You're such a great supporter.

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