Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Launch of Mr. Darcy Bites Back

Today, I am launching Mr.Darcy Bites Back, the sequel to Mr. Darcy’s Bite on Austen Authors. I will be giving away two e-books for either Nook or Kindle. I hope you will pop on over and enter the giveaway. Winner announced on November 26.

P.S. Mr. Darcy’s Bite is currently on sale on Nook and Kindle for $1.99 for the month of November only. It is also available on Amazon in paperback for only $6.00. These prices WILL go up, so grab a copy or download an e-book today.


  1. Congrats, Mary! Will it be offered in paperback?

  2. Congratulations!! I love the cover!

  3. Anna, Yes, the paperback should be out late next week.

    Candy, Thanks. I can't believe I did it all by myself. :)

  4. Great! Adding it to my Christmas list. I agree that the cover is fantastic!

    1. Thanks, Anna. I bought a program last year, but I was so intimidated by it. I finally bit the bullet, and it's not nearly as hard as I thought.

      Happy Thanksgiving.