Friday, June 29, 2012

Anne Elliot - I'm a Tweaker

I wrote my novel, Anne Elliot, A New Beginning, about two and a half years ago. Since that time, I think I have improved as a writer. So when I went to update the back of the book where I post my "bio" and "other books by Mary Simonsen," I decided to reread the book. And the tweaking began. Although the story remains unchanged, it is tighter and more compact--not an unnecessary word in my retelling of Anne Elliot's story.

This novel is a unique Persuasion re-imagining in that Anne Elliot is a jogger. Yes, a jogger! Once she has been declared to be a spinster by her family, she decides to set off in a new direction. The confidence she gains from becoming a long-distance runner changes her life and the lives of everyone around her, including Captain Frederick Wentworth.

To reintroduce my novel to my readers, I have put the newly edited book on Kindle and Nook for $1.59. If you haven't read my story, I hope you will have a look.

On Anne Elliot’s 25th birthday, her family has declared her to be a spinster, but instead of being downcast by this change in status, she finds it to be liberating. As a result of her new-found freedom, Anne becomes a long-distance runner. Because this activity greatly increases her confidence and sense of self-worth, she is determined to set the course for her future even if it puts her at odds with her family and society. It is this new Anne who Captain Frederick Wentworth meets when he sees the love of his life after eight years of separation, and he finds that he is falling in love with her all over again. However, there is a complication. The heir to Kellynch, the Elliot estate, William Elliot, has also come back into the picture after being estranged from Anne’s father, Sir Walter Elliot, Baronet, and he has set his sights on Anne. Now living in Bath, Anne senses that something is not right, and with the help of a street urchin named Swoosh, she sets out to discover William Elliot’s true nature. Anne Elliot, A New Beginning, is a light-hearted comedic retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion.

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  1. I loved this book. Anne Elliot has a special place in my heart.

  2. Oh man I hope you didn't tweak it too much! I just loved that book - the way it was. If you say it's better, however, I guess I have no choice but to believe you. It just just laugh out loud funny and very few books give me that much joy.

  3. Thank you, ladies. I didn't tweak it all that much. When I revise an older title, I go on the warpath against the word "that." Removing "thats" was the biggest tweak. But Anne, the Captain, and Swoosh still bring bad Mr. Elliot down. :)

  4. Sounds good, Mary! You are such a wonderful writer! I am looking forward to reading this!

  5. Doesn't seem to be available anymore...
    too bad, I was looking forward to reading it