Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review & Giveaway of Mr. Darcy's Bite

I received a wonderful review for Mr. Darcy's Bite from Deborah Previte at A Bookish Libraria. Deborah also hosted a giveaway. (TOMORROW IS THE DEADLINE to enter the giveaway!) Here is the review in full.

The Dames Take:

Dear misbegotten Darcy has a dilemma. He's been infected by a werewolf and has the misfortune of howling and prowling the grounds of Pemberley at every full moon. What a horrible prospect for his bride-to-be, and what a horrendous burden of built! He knows he must inform poor Elizabeth Bennet so she can make a decision whether she will marry the night creature he sometimes becomes, or not. And he must ask her to take dangerous risks on his behalf. Such issues tax a gentleman's heart and mind.

Enlisting the kindly help of his sister Georgiana, along with others of the Austen crowd familiar to those who love her books, Darcy quietly and efficiently brings Elizabeth into the knowing fold. But can she learn to love and accept a dark and gruesome were? It's certainly not what she bargained for.

Mary Lydon Simonsen is a crafty author whose tongue-in-cheek prose gives us a lively and fun trek into the adventures of these Jane Austen characters as they slip the light paranormal. I love her brilliant mind and her wit. I also love her ability to maintain the true characters of these special people of Miss Austen's while adding such a strange conundrum to the mix!

This is a fun and beguiling book. It's one any of those of you who love an Austen mash-up will find extremely well written. Miss Austen's beloved characters have a romp that's sometimes serious and sometimes humorous. Not a heavy book, but a captivating paranormal for a stormy night!

Please visit Deborah's blog, A Bookish Libraria.

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