Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review of Mr. Darcy's Letter by Jakki Leatherberry

I love books, but because I write books, I don't like to comment on the work of other authors. On the other hand, I know my readers would like to know when a good novel comes out, especially an Austen re-imaging. To that end, I have asked Jakki Leatherberry to help me out, and she has agreed to post her reviews on my blog. For her debut, she has chosen to review Abigail Reynolds' Mr. Darcy's Letter.

Abigail Reynolds writes another Darcylicious novel, Mr. Darcy's Letter. Reynolds's decision to have Elizabeth not read Darcy's letter after his disastrous proposal changes many of the events in the story. In this version, there are a few more misunderstandings between Darcy and Elizabeth; however, I feel they add to the storyline and the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Reynolds creates a roller coaster of emotions within the reader. Between characters being caught in compromising positions, moving on in order to avoid being connected to scandal, facing familial obligations, as well as a character's unexpected redemption, the reader is sucked in, and I was unable to put down the book at times.

I rather like it when authors develop Austen's minor characters and give them more dimension. Reynolds does this with Lydia. I was shocked at how much I found myself enjoying Lydia and a "new" Wickham.

As much as I enjoyed this story, I felt Darcy and Elizabeth anticipated their vows a little too soon after their first kiss. Though I am sure it was the author's intentions, I felt the wedding scene was a bit rushed.

I would recommend Mr. Darcy's Letter to those who enjoy Reynolds's other variations or Pride and Prejudice variations.

Jakki Leatherberry, former high-school language arts teacher and lover of all things Austen, lives in Georgia where she and her husband moved after graduating from a liberal arts college in Ohio. One of her greatest pleasures is reading and analyzing literature. When she is not chasing around her two children, Jakki can be found under a quilt, cup of coffee in hand, reading. She also submits her reviews to Amazon and B&N. 

Jakki would enjoy reading your comments, and I'm sure Abigail would appreciate it as well.

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  1. Great review, Jakki! Glad to hear you enjoyed it because I just ordered it and am waiting patiently for it to arrive.

  2. Thank you so much, Mary for inviting me to post some reviews here! I am so glad to be doing this!
    Anna, that truly is a complement coming from you! I hope you enjoy Anigail's book when you get it. I will be looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  3. Jakki, I agree with you! I like the "new" Wickham, too! Great review! I'm glad you will be posting on Mary's blog. I think it will work out well for both you and Mary!

  4. I'm so eager to read this one! Abigail Reynolds is one of my favorite authors! I'm intrigued by all the points you mentioned in your review! I look forward to reading your thoughts on Austenesque literature, Jakki!

  5. Candy, thanks for all your support! :)
    Meredith, Abigail is also one of my favorite authors too! Love her work! I also strive to write such reliable & great reviews like you!

  6. I am so looking forward to reading MDL! The holidays have kinda forced me to put aside my reading but it's very high on my tbr list. I'm intrigued by this new Lydia and Wickham. Making that believable is not easy to do, I would imagine, but Abigail's books have never let me down.

    Great, concise review, Jakki!

  7. Thanks to Jakki for a great review, and to Mary for being a real AuAu example of camaraderie. I depend on like-minded reviewers to give me feedback about novels and short stories when I make my purchasing choices.

  8. Jakki! What a great review. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on: Jakki posting about Abigail on Mary's blog??? Huh? But I got it and am so glad I did. Thanks for posting such a thoughtful review. I'm looking forward to more!

  9. Monica & Angie, thank you! I hope my review & Abigail's book do not let you down! Yes, Monica, I too have yet to read one of Abigail's books that I did not enjoy!
    Heather, thanks for the kind words about my review! I hope readers will see them as informative and unbiased. I look forward to working with Mary & posting more!
    Thank you to everyone who has left a comment and read my review! And thank you to my AuAu and Janeite friends for your support & encouragement! :)

  10. What a nice review for your blog debut! I have this book on my wish list and look forward to reading for all the minor characters having their day that you mentioned.

    Thanks for the post!

  11. Jakki, I really enjoyed reading your review! Abigail's book is at the top of my list of to-be-reads. (The dishes and dust bunnies will just have to make way for Mr. Darcy!) You have me intrigued.

    Thank you for such a thoughtful review!


  12. Thanks, Sofia Rose! I hope you enjoy the book!
    Susan, in my case it is laundry & vacuuming that gets put on the back burner for Mr. Darcy! ;) Good thing it is always there waiting for me when I'm ready for it! ;) Hope you enjoy the book!

  13. Now that's a recommendation--can't put the book down.
    There's an art to reviewing books and I applaud anyone who is generous enough to take the time and effort. Took two courses on reviewing books once--learned enough to make me terrified of writing reviews, so kudos to you, Jakki!

  14. Thanks for the lovely review, Jakki. I'm glad to see you entering into the review business. I agree with Nina that it's an art. And thanks to Mary for hosting it!

    SusanA, your comment made me realize that there's another unused title out there - nobody has written Darcy and the Dust Bunnies yet!

  15. Abigail, thank you for writing novels I just love to read! It was my pleasure to write a review! I hope that with my future reviews, I am able to bring new readers or at least spark some interest in people's minds, and do justice to your novels.
    Darcy and the Dust Bunnies sounds like a great title for a children's book! ;)
    Thanks for stopping by Abigail!

  16. I loved your review, Jakki. I haven't yet read this book, but it's on my list now. Abigail Reynolds is one of my favorite JAFF authors.

    Isn't it amazing how many of us "former high-school language arts" teachers there are? We should form our own club!

  17. Thanks again, Robin! I agree; Abigail is also one of my favorite JAFF authors. She was one of the first ones I read.
    There is a large number of us, isn't there? I rarely hear someone speak of being a former math teacher. Then again, I guess the only math person I know is my husband. ;)