Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Release of a New Novella - Captain Wentworth Home from the Sea

Please join me at Austen Authors for a release of my new novella, Captain Wentworth Home from the Sea. I am hosting a giveaway of two copies of the book. Here is a description of the story:

In 1806, Frederick Wentworth returned to the sea in hopes of leaving behind memories of his lost love, Anne Elliot of Kellynch Hall. After eight years serving as the captain of the Laconia, he had failed to jettison recollections of  the only woman he could ever love, that is, until a shipboard accident robbed him of his memory. When he is once again thrown into Anne’s company, he knows nothing of their previous engagement. With the slate wiped clean, will Anne Elliot be able to secure the love of Captain Frederick Wentworth or will all opportunities to reclaim a lost love be denied her?

I hope you will stop by. :)


  1. Yeah! I have long anticipated this books' arrival.

    Congratulations and happy launch! (-;

  2. Congratulations Mary! Looking forward to reading it :) The cover is lovely, btw.

  3. I am looking forward to a dose of Persuasion!


  4. I love Persuasion so am looking forward to reading it. Congrats to you!