Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Launch of Mr. Darcy's Bite at Austen Authors and A Moment of Your Time

It’s party time again. I am pleased to announce the launch of Mr. Darcy’s Bite, my first venture into paranormal or Gothic or just something different. A fuller description of the novel and details of a giveaway can be found at Austen Authors. As part of the celebration on this blog, I am giving away an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) of Mr. Darcy’s Bite. The usual rules apply. You must leave an e-mail address in the comments section by October 11th so I may contact you. The winner will be announced on October 12th. But this giveaway is a little different. Rather than ask for a comment, I would like a moment of your time.

From the time I started to write fiction in 2006, the world of publishing has changed. More people are now reading novels on e-book readers than in print form. Because of this change, I have decided to go independent, and Mr. Darcy’s Bite will be my last book with Sourcebooks. But when someone leaves a publisher, they also leave behind the support staff who arranges for the blog tour, publicity, preparation of the Amazon and B&N pages, etc.  This is where you come in. You, the reader, are now my support staff.

Reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble have become critical to the success of a book. A few good reviews can really sell a book. And that’s where I need your help. Although I receive lots of e-mails and Facebook posts from readers who say they enjoy my books, for one reason or another, they do not post reviews on Amazon or B&N. As we all know, we are more likely to take action over something negative or unpleasant. This is as true on Amazon as anywhere else, and a few bad reviews can kill a book. What I am asking (as well as other Austen authors--actually any author) is that if you enjoy a book, please consider posting a review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. As an independent author, I can tell you good reviews on these sites are now the most critical element in making a book a success. If you do post a review, please let me know at: quailcreekpub@hotmail.com. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best of luck in the giveaway.

P.S. To double your chances to win a copy of Mr. Darcy's Bite, visit Austen Authors.


  1. Congratulations on your new book - it sounds most intriguing - and the best of luck with your future books as an independent author!


  2.     Mary, I never knew how important Amazon & B&N reviews were until you told me. Like me, I am sure many more readers are out there who do not know this! Hopefully, this post will encourage readers to leave reviews!
    I wish you all the best success with this book and your following ones too!

  3. Mary, I am looking forward to reading Mr. Darcy's Bite. I just recently started posting reviews on Amazon. I really didn't think about it until Marilyn Brant pointed it out to me. Thanks for the reminder because it something that I need to do more often! I'm more than willing to help! Best of wishes to you!

  4. I know what you mean! I try, as much as possible (time permitting), to post reviews (on amazon.uk-com and amazon.it) and many an author has referred how important that is.
    Best of wishes!


  5. Congratulations on your book and best wishes for your decision to go independent. Your plea for promotion for you and the other wonderful authors has been heard. If my humble opinion will help, I will gladly give it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!

  6. Thank you, Ladies, for understanding. I was uncomfortable writing this post, but I really do need your help.

    Sophia, Believe me, your opinion is not humble. It is people like you who make a world of difference.

  7. I don't know why I've never given much thought to putting reviews online...maybe because I seldom read them? That is something I will rectify in the future, especially now that I know it is really important.

    Happy launch day and best of luck as an independent.

  8. Oops, forgot my email...


  9. I have always been a quite appreciater of books. Then came AustenAuthors! In getting to know so many wonderful Austen Authors, such as yourself, I expanded my blogging and have even written a review or two. You make a valid point and I for one will be happy to help keep my favorite authors in business!

    Congratulations on the release!


  10. Congratulations on your big decision to go indie! I know it was a big decision, but I am sure you will not regret it. I love being an indie, but like you, I think it's important to consider all options as the publishing world changes.


  11. Congrats on the new book!! Looking forward to it! sonya.holt@gmail.com


  12. Congrats, Mary on another successful publication. All the best in your future as an indie author. I'll continue to support you and all Austen Authors.

    I'm still a traditionalist where I prefer to read printed books rather than e-books. Maybe because I like the feel of books. Moreover in Malaysia, the market for e-readers is still in its infancy because the gadgets like iPad is quite expensive and Kindle is not yet available if I'm not mistaken.


  13. Sounds exciting! Congratulations! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I have both a kobo and kindle. I still do prefer print however I really enjoy the selection e book option offers as well as the convenience.


  14. Thank you all for stopping by. Good luck with the giveaway.

    Luthien, It surprises me about Kindle. With the way things move so fast through cyberspace, I would think that it would be available in Malaysia. I'm sure it will happen shortly.

    I read non-fiction in paperback or hardback, but all my fiction is now on my Kindle.