Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Responses Re My Blog - So Far

I asked for input, and so many of my wonderful readers responded. Here is what I have so far.

Luthien: I love history especially Regency period and giveaways. I don't really know what to say when you ask some questions about JA's characters, plots, etc. but I welcome it if it helps me to voice out my opinion and interact with the other participants. If you have the talent, maybe you can create some form of intellectual pursuit like treasure hunt, crossword puzzle, etc. As for puzzles, etc., I don't have the talent, but I could suggest it to my fellow writers on Austen Authors. There are a few computer geeks on the site.

Luthien, I’m so glad you like history because that is my greatest love. 

Cinta: I am a real fan of all things Austen or Austenesque. I also like history, so everything related to the Regency period will be most welcome. I also like blogs to include links to other related websites and funny quizzes or games about Austen and the Regency Period. You can also include from time to time contests, as for example, you can ask people what their answer to a certain questions would be or something like that.

Cinta, Two votes for history! Yeah! I will make it a point to link to other Austen sites. I did that for a while in “What’s Going on in Austen World.” I’ll also think about contests. If you have any specific ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

Gayle: I always want more historical romances. You do that so well.

Gayle, Aw shucks, thanks. You know I love your comments about my stories.

Jakki: I am interested in exactly how you do your research for your books. Do you have particular books you turn to, the internet, library reference section? I love learning about history (one thing I love about your books). I also love the interactive questions. I feel that not only do I get to see what others think, but it is creating connections between me and other fan fiction readers. Also, it is nice to have these conversations since I do not have any friends in my area that share my love for JA and Darcy and Elizabeth. It allows me a chance to have conversations with people instead of only in my head! I CANNOT wait for Darcy on the Hudson and A Walk in the Meadows at Rosings Park & your short story, Mr. Darcy Steps In to be published!

Jakki, Three votes for history! I’m so pleased. I will definitely write a post on my research. As for interactive questions, I love the comments as well. The responses from the readers are so thought provoking. Connections are important. I've made so many because of my books (including a wonderful lady from the Deep South). They bring up things I never thought about. I learn a lot. Thanks for the plugs on my upcoming releases. :)

Angie, What I like most is when I find out about Mary the woman, first, writer, second, Austen & historical context third. In the end - what is the inspiration? You already know what my favorite line was in the last book - where on earth did that come from!?!

Angie, Thanks for being interested in me. I’m not terribly complex, but I’ll see what I can do.
(The quote Angie is referring to is from A Wife for Mr. Darcy. The rake, Lord Fitzwilliam, is counseling Darcy: “It is a bad start to a marriage when you have to pry your spouse's fingers, one at a time, from the bedpost on your wedding night. Ask Eleanor. Although I very nearly succeeded in holding her off.”)

Debbie Brown: It is hard to think of anything original to ask for! I love historical details.

Debbie, I’m counting your comment as a vote for history. Thanks!

Jennifer: You'll find an audience when you write what you love! That's my suggestion.

Jennifer, My first love is history, but when you don’t get any comments on a post, you wonder if there is anyone out there who is still awake!

Trez:  I like the historical tidbits of history that you enlighten us with, such as the time you posted about cholera and the outbreak in London, that was about John Snow, wasn't it? I like the neat places you talk about that you have been to and the pretty pictures. I like the post on the Sistine Chapel. I like it when you put things up like that time you talked about the covers of the novels and why there are no face or only partial bodies. I thought that was really interesting. I think Mary, when you put things up that inspire you and you add what you have to say about it that it's very interesting.

Trez, Aren’t you sweet? Answer: Yes. Another history lover. Hurrah! Yes, it was John Snow. Great book. You can thank Jennifer Becton for the cover post. She was a guest blogger that day. Here’s the link: I might repost that because I have at least five new followers since Jennifer wrote her post. :)

Margay: I'm a history buff myself, so I'd always like to learn more about the places I read about in books. As an off-shoot of that, learning how you come by that information would be interesting, too. Research tips and the like.

Margay: I'll share more of my research in future posts. Glad to meet another history buff.

Blodeuedd: It seems history is what we like and yes I'd like more history. You know the small things, how did they brush their teeth, what they wore, I like things like that : Oh and pics of castles always make me happy.

Blodeuedd, Because of your nom de plume, I guessed that you were a history lover. Being a 100% of Irish descent, I share your interest in Celtic history. Pics of castles? I wonder where that came from? J

Irena: I'd love to read about history because your posts about history are great. Also, posts about places you've been, things you've experienced, and interactive questions - I love those. And it would be great to have you answer the question you asked: Did Marianne really love Col. Brandon? I am also always up for a poll. For now, I'll have fun imaging the butts of every Mr Darcy to date.:)

Irena, I love polls! They are too easy to pass up. Did Marianne really love Col. Brandon. Not sure. I wonder if she mistook gratitude for love.  Now, as for Mr. Darcy’s butt. I’m thinking of having a vote on that one.

Candy: Mary, I love your post on history, I've learned so much from you. Sometimes when you have written something historical, you have inspired me to do more of my own research to find out more! Your interactive posts are fun too! Reading about YOU is wonderful too! About your tony perms and your beautiful mother. So...pretty much anything you want to write about is great. :P.S. Pardon any typos, I was writing this while walking on my treadmill.

Candy, Seriously! You are writing on a treadmill? When I do “athletics,” such as a treadmill. I have to concentrate 100% or I would fall off. Remember, I managed to fall out of my sister’s tub. Thanks for the comments.

Carol: I really enjoy little titbits of information on everyday things in an historical era. The foods they ate, the clothes they wore, there entertainments and so on with lots of detail.

Carol, Thanks. Another history buff. Hurrah! Will do.

Nancy: Most of us are so interested in the actual research and writing process. Does the author have the story idea first, or the character? Does the author use an outline or, as I do, write down ideas and then number them in the order I want to use them. (Don't ask how I started using that regime). We are all in love with the characters, the landscape, the manners and the verbage, and the history of these families, their neighbors and friends always spikes our interest. It sounds as if you are a very, very busy lady and how do you schedule your writing time each day?

Nancy, I am a pantser, i.e., someone who writes by the seat of her pants--not outline. I'll be happy to share a day in the life with you. How do I manage everything? It certainly helps that I'm retired, and my kids are grown!

pseudophilosopher: I love the ideas of including polls, and giveaways which you already are doing.

Pseudophilosopher: More polls on the way.

Your input was invaluable. I wasn't sure if people liked my historical posts or not. I think I need to provide some incentives so that people will comment. Maybe a once a month of giveaway. Please keep your suggestions coming. 

P.S. Anyone who comments on any post before August 14 will be entered in the giveaways. Please remember to leave your contact info.


  1. I don't know whether it helps but I would like to suggest to change the settings for comment to embed it below your post. It is easier to refer to the post and not forget what to comment. The way I see it now is when I click comment, the post is not shown.


  2. Hi Luthien. I changed my settings. Much better. Thank you.

  3. I'm glad we could help by contributing ideas and such! Looking forward to your future posts, Mary!

  4. Yes, Mary. This is better than before.

  5. Irena, I am always open to suggestions. Any time.

  6. Yes, I was pretty sure it was John Snow, I still need to purchase that book. I remember that Jennifer was on the cover spot because it was her book about Charlotte and I want to buy it but haven't gotten to do it yet. So it's still on my list. I loved that you posted about the covers because I was noticing them at around the same time. I thought the covers looked unique but I'm sure a lot of others were thinking the same thing.