Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire by Debra Brown

The Companion of Lady HolmeshireDebra Brown, aka English Period Novels, on Facebook, has released her first book on Kindle, The Companion of Lady Holmeshire. Here is some information from her press release:

Pensacola, Florida. World Castle Publishing just announced the release of The Companion of Lady Holmeshire by Debra Brown. Available Friday, July 15th. This historical with a touch of romance is sure to become a classic suitable for any age. Mrs. Brown keeps the reader glued to the pages to find out what happens next. Not your typical historical or your typical ending either. The Companion of Lady Holmeshire will sweep you away from modern cares into a different, fascinating world of aristocrats and servants, castles and villages, mansions and balls. Enjoy the London Season with a servant girl, become a companion to a countess, who is dragged along into snobbish society. Watch mysteries develop and sweet romances bloom.

For more information, please click here. Congratulations, Debra, and best of luck with your book.


  1. I've had the pleasure of reading 'Companion' and loved it. It took me back to a word of Austen, or even Dickens, really evoking a period.
    Grace x

  2. Grace, Thank you for sharing that.