Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Kind of Car Would Jane Austen's Characters Drive?

Jane at The Book Rat asked some Austen Authors, including me, to say what type of car Jane Austen's characters would drive. I chose Captain Wentworth. Please come and visit Jane as she celebrates Jane Austen.


  1. Well, Mary, if you asked me what Jane would drive herself, I would say a Mini Cooper twin cam. She is single and no children so she wouldn't need lots of room and suped up minis like the version I mentioned are stylish, retro, nippy around country lanes and have got a surprising burst of speed on the srtaight. A real sporty classic car like Janes very own classics.

  2. Mimi Coopers are hugely popular here in the States. My younger daughter wanted one, but she does too much highway traveling, and her parents were nervous. :)

  3. Darcy: 2 cars, at least: Lotus. Porsche, vintage Jaguar (remember, he has those great, fast stallions!); Chauffeur-driven Silver Ghost
    Bingley: definitely a sports car
    Col. Fitzwilliam: 2: Aston-Martin and a real Range Rover

    Knightley: BMW 500

    Wentworth: ?; however, he would definitely have a vintage wood launch for boating on rivers and lakes (also a sloop for salt water)

  4. Julia, You have Mr. Darcy riding in style. Great choices.

  5. Great question! I love your choice for Wentworth, and Tony is spon on with a Mini Cooper for Jane Austen herself.

    I can easily imagine Darcy driving a black or silver Bentley GT Continental. It has style and costs a fortune.

  6. Good suggestion for Darcy. I think he might drive an Austin Martin.