Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Darcy's Angel of Mercy

I have a new novella available on Amazon Kindle, Mr. Darcy's Angel of Mercy. I am particularly fond of this story because I have a keen interest in the two world wars. It was this interest, along with learning more about my Irish ancestors, that got me started in penning novels in the first place.

Here is a description of Mr. Darcy's Angel of Mercy:

Two years after the conclusion of The Great War, those affected by the conflagration are still trying to put their lives back together, including Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. While Darcy continues to grapple with horrific memories, Elizabeth, who served as a Voluntary Aid Detachment, suppresses all recollections of her service in France. But Darcy suspects that there is one memory that the two share: a beautiful night spent in a hospital ward in France when Darcy was visited by an angel of mercy, an angel who might just possibly be Elizabeth Bennet.

I am working on getting the book up on Barnes and Noble as well as in a paperback version on Amazon, but this is a much longer process. I hope you will have a look. Thanks.


  1. You are a machine! Congrats on your newest!

  2. I really loved this story! It present our beloved story in a new, fresh way, and your knowledge of the time period - the two world wars - is amazing. An enjoyable read. I will buy the book when it comes out as a paperback.

  3. I can't describe it - this story left me so...sad, believe it or not. And it had nothing to do with E & D. Your descriptions of the hospital conditions and the emotional trauma of the war were vivid. At the end, I was counting up in my head how many years they would have together before Mrs. Wallace comes into the picture, and they'd have to relive all of that horror again, possibly with their own children. Beautifully written!

  4. Thanks, Angie. It was a sad time for the British, and you are right. Their children would be facing an even greater enemy. That's why I write about this time period. It is so compelling.