Friday, April 8, 2011

What I Am Doing and Why I Am Doing It

For All The Wrong Reasons
The book industry is changing rapidly. Although I love roaming the aisles of brick and mortar stores, more and more people are opting to get their books on line. With the rise of e-readers, such as Nook and Kindle, sales of e-books have skyrocketed. I have decided to go with the flow. But first, a little history.

Before Sourcebooks published Searching for Pemberley and The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy, I was self-published. Even after I signed with Sourcebooks, I self-published two novels: Anne Elliot, A New Beginning, and The Second Date, Love Italian-American Style, because Sourcebooks declined to publish them, and I understand their reasons. There is a much smaller market for an Austen re-imagining that isn’t Pride and Prejudice. As for The Second Date, I was told that since it was neither modern nor historical (it was set in the late 1980s), it was a hard sell.

But while my novels were being published, I was also busy writing novellas. I find this length of story particularly attractive to my style of writing. I’m not real big on descriptions. For example, you will never read a detailed description of Caroline Bingley’s clothes or Lady Catherine’s parlor in my novels. Without a lot of description, the page count goes down, and a novel becomes a novella.

Since Sourcebooks has declined to publish my two latest novel-length submissions, I have decided that I will be self-publishing all my future work. And I have already begun. My novella, For All the Wrong Reasons, is currently available in e-book form on Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $2.99. Why $2.99? Because if I sold it for less (as I wanted to do), Amazon takes a 70% cut instead of 35%. That is unacceptable. So I must meet their price threshold. I will also publish my novellas in paperback for approximately $6.29. Again, this price is dictated by a minimum price based on page count by Createspace, Amazon’s in-house print-on-demand provider. But I don’t expect to sell many of my novellas in paperback. My target audience is the e-reader.

I still have two books coming out with Sourcebooks: A Wife for Mr. Darcy (release date July 1, 2011) and Mr. Darcy’s Bite (release date October 2011). I have learned so much from Sourcebooks, and I will be forever grateful to my editor, Deb Werksman, for finding my self-published novel on Amazon and getting the ball rolling. But as Sourcebooks adjusts to the changing book market, so must I. The future is the e-reader, and I look forward to sharing my stories with you on your Nook or Kindle.

P.S. It takes a lot longer for a paperback to go up on Amazon, but a paperback version of For All the Wrong Reasons is making its way through the Amazon jungle and should be up shortly.

P.P.S. I have lowered the prices on most of my self-published stories, both electronic and paperback.


  1. Good for you Mary! Those prices are perfectly reasonble, and I'm sure lots of readers will appreciate that! Best of luck! I look forward to checking out For All The Wrong Reasons!

  2. Always happy to read your work, Mary--whether on your blog, on my kindle, or between the covers of a book!

  3. Thank you, Tony.

    Thanks, Meredith. I'll be e-mailing you when my novel-length books come out. :)

    Mary Ellen, What a lovely thing to say. Thanks for your support.

  4. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best with For All the Wrong Reasons!

  5. Congratulations Mary! I think ebook is the future.

    Bargain with the Devil

  6. E-books are great for your impatient fans (okay, me) who don't want to wait so long for their next fix. One question I have for you - how will this handle with book signings? I can't afford to go to Ft. Worth this year, but with friends who live in NYC, that would be doable. Do you think less & less people will come out to conventions because they have nothing to 'sign?'

  7. I shall look out for all your works - I'm very happy to know they will all be available as e-books. Having run out of shelf space my kindle has become my electronic shelf now!!
    PS Your prices are very good :)

  8. Thanks ladies and gent. I just went live with Createspace, but I had to charge $6.99 to make .17. No one is going to pay that for a novel that is 126 pages long. But then it's really meant to be read on an e-reader.

  9. Wow Mary! So much news in one short blog. I don't currently have an e-reader so I'm in the minority tho' I know its probably inevitable. A wife for Mr. Darcy sounds great...looking forward to it. I think I previously linked it with The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy - tho' obviously different.