Monday, March 14, 2011

Dames A La Mode

Writing about Regency England, especially its history, comes pretty easy to me. However, the one thing I struggle with in every story is fashion. At home, I wear sweats in the winter and capris in the summer. My tops are solid and contrast with my pants. If I wear a striped shirt, my sisters email each other with a news bulletin.  I have always been like this, so when it comes time to describing what one of my characters is wearing, I have to scour the internet looking for fashion plates and descriptions of frou-frou stuff, and I have found the mother lode of Georgian Era fashion at Dames A La Mode.

Dames A La Mode has fashion plates that go on and on and on. She also has a Facebook page with a brief description of the dresses and a few men's fashion. This is an absolute treasure trove. I hope you will check it out. Be sure to click on "archive" way at the bottom of the home page to see the entire collection.


  1. I always enjoy reading about period fashion. Thank you for the very useful link, Mary!

  2. I could spend forever looking at these plates. As I was looking at them, I was thinking which Jane Austen characters would be wearing which dress, bonnet, etc. and when. (For example, I picture Lady Catherine in the "Robe in Foreau" when she goes to visit Elizabeth at Longborn). I think I will continue to visit that site. Thanks for sharing!