Friday, February 25, 2011

Question of the Day at Austen Authors

Today, Austen Authors, with me in the lead, is introducing a possible new regular feature (depending upon reader participation) called the Question of the Day. Here is our very first one:

Question: At the end of Sense and Sensibility, it appears that Elinor and Edward and Marianne and Colonel Brandon will live happily ever after. But will they? After all, Edward is pretty wishy-washy. Will this eventually grate on Elinor’s nerves? And does Marianne really love Brandon or did she marry him out of gratitude for his kindness and as a way of getting over Willoughby? Five of our own Austen Authors have weighed in, but please tell us what you think.

Please stop by and let us hear your thoughts. Thank you.


  1. I missed this! I'm doing the S&S group read-along on AHA and finding everyone's opinions to be very helpful. Thanks for the heads-up, Mary!

  2. To tell you the truth,Mary, I think Jane has put enough into writing Sense and Sensibilty for us all to perceive how the characters have developed and grown.We can make our own conclusions from what Jane has written and by applying what we know about life ourselves. Jane finished where she did.That was her story. We don't need anymore.

    Lets all go and write our own stories now.