Friday, February 18, 2011

A Poem by Jane Austen's Niece, Anna Lefroy

With what delight I view each line
Trac’d by the hand I love
Where warm esteem and Grace combine
A feeling heart to move

Then come sweet letter to my breast
Thou’lt find no coldness there
Close to my heart for ever rest
It’s warmth for ever share-

This poem, written in December 1809, is included in The Collected Poems of the Austen Family. Thanks to Austen Author, Jane Odiwe, for finding and sharing this poem.

Have a good weekend. Mary


  1. Thank you!

    A very sweet poem. There was talent in the Austen family.

  2. Well, she could rhyme.

    Probably be Ok inside a Valentines card. A bit too sugary and meaningless for me Mary.

    I like a bit of bite grrrr!!! in my poems. Something that digs really deep.

  3. Irena, it is sweet. Tony, you are such a guy. Actually, I prefer something on the order of the Charge of the Light Brigade myself.

  4. I think it is a very deep and wonderful love poem.
    Was Anna Lefroy married?
    Sounds like she wrote it with somebody in mind.