Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots Going on "Out There"

Maria Grazia is conducting a Valentine's Day Poll - WHICH IS THE MOST ROMANTIC AUSTEN FINALE?  at My Jane Austen Book Club. Take the poll and you are eligible for a set of Austen bookmarks. (Thanks to Julia Saulsbury.)

Would you like Matthew Macfadyen to read an excerpt to you from Pride and Prejudice or Greg Wise read an excerpt from Sense and Sensibility? Well, you can have both and more at Carte Noire Readers. (Thanks to Denver at AHA.)

Have you ever been to the Sistine Chapel? If you haven't, this is a good substitute. Zoom in on any part of the chapel and have a closer look. (Thanks to K.C. Derby at AHA.)

Serena at Savvy Verse and Wit is having a giveaway of Michelle Moran's Madame Tussaud. I really enjoyed Michelle's Nefertiti and wrote a review of her novel that you can read here.


  1. Mary, yes I have been to the Sistine Chapel and it's worth it.

    Marilyn and I also spent a lovely afternoon looking around The Vatican Museum.

    It's AWESOME!!!!! Is that the right phrase?

    We had a feast of Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Donatello.

    Ugh!!!!! now those names remind me of something else??????

  2. Tony, Are you confessing to have watched the Ninja Turtles?

  3. Oh, oh, oh! I am absolutely trhilled by the discovery of The Carte Noire Readers! I can't stop listening to those actors reading excerpt from classic novels. I have to confess that I love Joseph Fiennes's voice: such a smooth, velvety baritone.


  4. I rather like the Sistine Chapel. I haven't yet been there but the animation site was great to look at.
    The Carte Noire is a great too, have been there several times before. Also there is Joseph Fiennes reading an excerpt from Sense and Sensiblility. He has probably been my favorite reader their and such a good actor.