Friday, February 25, 2011

Keats and Three Young Tenors - A Great Start to a Weekend

Would you like to have someone read Keats to you? If so, click here, and you will get your wish:

Naxos AudioBooks continues its new series of Great Poets – represented by a collection of their most popular poems on one CD – with John Keats. Although this man had a short life, he produced a series of outstanding poems – many of which appeared first in letters to his sister. He was largely unappreciated during his lifetime, and died in Rome at the age of 26. Most of his 150 poems were written in just nine extraordinary months in 1819. This selection contains some of his finest works, the principal Odes, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Old Meg and Much Have I Travelled.

Would you like to hear three talented young tenors compete in Italian Idol by singing O Sole Mio? Of course you do. Trust me. You really do not want to miss this. So click here and enjoy.


  1. John Keats - a very sad end. Just when you reach your majority you have the tragedy of one parent, then eventually another. To have taken care of his brother until his death, while another has moved to the other ends of the earth. To no longer be able to see his fiance, and to know death was knocking at his own door. Very sad. Yet his greatest work, the work in which he is remembered is a span of only 9 months.
    It does kind of make one stand back and think: do we have a shining moment, how long will it last, what will our life mean to others beyond our own death, are we doing the right things?

  2. Trez, I think about the same things, but I'm confident that you are doing the right things. You are a good person.

  3. Thanks Mary, wow, that is really sweet. I will add that I have recently connected to some various blogs that have really put an indentation in my life because of what I read in them and what I take away from them. Some of them are spiritual and some are more informational but they all are wonderful. And I am blessed to have such good people to connect with.