Friday, January 14, 2011

Interview with Blodeuedd on Mur-y-Castell

To conclude week 2 of my blog tour, Blodeuedd is hosting an interview and giveaway on her blog, Mur-y-Castell. I hope you will visit, look around the blog, read my interview, comment so that you will be in the giveaway, or just say hi. Thanks.


  1. I read this interview, Mary. It is a great interview.

    But, "Interview with Blodeuedd on Mur-y-Castell." I was totally wrong in thinking it was somebody from Wales. Her name and the title of her blog is Welsh. When I discovered she is Finnish it surprised me.

    The Welsh speak one of the Celtic languages. I didn't think Finnish was a Celtic language. The alphabet they use is not a latin alphabet, I know that.

    Do you know, I've been thinking, there are not many English people involved in our blogs. I wonder why? It seems to be a majority of Americans. There must be something in our psyche's, or it could be our view of the world.We are much closer, geographically in this country, so maybe we don't feel the need to communicate through blogging? I don't know.

  2. Something about the Finns, Mary.

    They have the best, education system in the world, they have the best health service and they have the best quality of life. I know you like the heat, Mary, but Finnland is worth concidering as a place to live. They all speak English exceptionally well too. All Northern European countries speak English well. It puts us all to shame.

  3. Someday I hope to visit Scandanavian as my husband's ancestors are Swedish and Denmark, but no thanks on moving anywhere cold. Been there--done that.

    It is interesting your remark about the British b/c even on the Austen blogs, the readers are overwhelmining American. It may be because we are such a young country and look to our history, and by extension, your history, for some roots.

  4. Hi there Mary :)

    Saw your comment so had to comment back. I love Celtic mythology so therefore my name, and when I created my blog, what better name then the place she lived at. I know it surprises many ;)

    Did you mean Finns do not use the Latin alphabet? Cos yes we do, and yes Finnish is the odd ball language in Europe. It belongs to the Finno-Ugric languages, together with Estonian and Hungarian. And a bunch of languages in Siberia.

    Good to hear that someone knows about our education system and so on :D But it does get way too cold, and stays cold way too long here. But I am used to it

  5. Just one thing,Blodeuedd. You have taken the name of rather a treacherous person.It's a great story with a strong moral, though.

    My wife is Welsh and we go to Wales a couple of times during the year.It is a beautiful place, if you get away from the industrialised bits in the south.
    Have you been to Wales?

  6. I read the interview a few days ago and thought it was both informative and fun, just as interviews should be.

    Wow, you started a cool discussion, about Finland and languages and Celtic mythology. I am a sucker for Celtic mythology. The story of Blodeuedd, or rather Blodeuwedd, is an interesting one. I hope to go to Wales one day. And Scotland. And Ireland.:)

    Oh, I think there are quite a few British bloggers out there. At least I know quite a few. About so many Americans loving Jane Austen - Austen transcends the notions of nations and languages. She's just that awesome, so you'll find Austen lovers everywhere.:)

  7. I used the name for a character in a book I am writing (for fun) and she is kind of like Blodeuedd :) And later I needed a cool name for this Lord of the rings forum I was on. It fit.

    Anyway, a couple of years later I looked at the Blodeuedd story with new eyes. I looked at it from her POV, and ok she did the wrong thing but I got her. Kind of liked her after that...well kind of. No one ever asked her what she wanted.

    Never been to Wales, but hey I am still young so I have time. Would love to visit one day, and Ireland and Scotland too. ..and England, Pemberley ;)

    We must meet up and go :)

  8. Very interesting discussion. It appears that I have to do some homework on Celtic mythology. Being 100% Irish descent I should know these things, but I don't. Mary