Monday, December 6, 2010

Favorite Holiday Picture #6

The Bishop's WifeThe Bishop's Wife (1947): Starring Loretta Young, Cary Grant, and David Niven.  Storyline from An Episcopal bishop, Henry Brougham, has been working for months on the plans for an elaborate new cathedral which he hopes will be paid for primarily by a wealthy, stubborn widow. He is losing sight of his family and of why he became a churchman in the first place. Enter Dudley, an angel sent to help him, but not necessarily in the way he would have hoped. With the exception of Henry, everyone loves Dudley, but as Christmas approaches, Henry begins to believe that Dudley is there to replace him, both at work and in his family's affections

The Bishop's Wife won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1947 beating out another Christmas favorite, A Miracle on 34th Street, as well as Great Expectations. Even though it is high on my list of favorites, I think Cary Grant and David Niven were miscast. With Niven's impish grin, I think that he should have played the angel with Cary Grant as the straight man. Niven would have been funnier than Grant. However, the reason I love this movie is because of the corny ice skating scene as shown on this clip. The fun parts begin around 3:15. Enjoy!


  1. I don't know this movie, crazy! I need to find it to watch it, sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Typical offbeat quirky Cary Grant sort of thing with layers of deep meaning. I have seen it, but many years ago on TV.

    I like Cary Grant in most of his films and not just because his surname is, "Grant."

    All the best,

  3. Irena, The movie is charming. I like that there were still main streets with shopping districts when this was filmed.

    Tony, I think Grant's best work was in his early years when he lent his acting a comedic touch (such as in Holiday where he shows off his background as an acrobat) and again in the 1960s in Charade.