Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interview with Mary Lydon Simonsen

Author, Joanne Croft, has posted an interview with Mary Lydon Simonsen today at Austen Authors. Oh, that's me!

I hope you will read the interview, and you might discover how I come up with most of my ideas. It involves my dog, Irish, and my cat, Lucy. :)


  1. This was such a fun interview to read and I sure learned new things about you, Mary. It's great to hear cleaning can be so effective, hehe. Best part - 3 new novels in 2011, wow! Great news, indeed.

    About Mr Darcy as a werewolf - will these be an extended version of the story you posted a while ago on Cause that one was really cool.

  2. Hi Lorena, Glad you liked the interview. The werewolf story is pretty much what was on ff. However, there is a prologue to set up the action, and I added a different ending to tie it all up. But to answer your question, the story is largely intact.

  3. Congratulations Mary.

    Chawton House are offering a first prize of £1000 for a Jane related short story. I don't know what that is in dollars, $1500 at a guess.
    Could pay for a nice a holiday.

    All the best,