Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get Ready for "Talk Like Jane Austen Day" on October 30

Gentle Readers:

This Saturday, October 30, has been declared to be “Speak Like Jane Austen Day.” How can such a thing be accomplished? I fear that I shall fall short if I even attempt it. But one must do what one can so that one might be a part of a larger community. But I have no wish to engage in this venture alone, and as such, I encourage all of my readers to walk with me on this journey into the world of Jane Austen. And what shall I wear on this most special of days? I think my indigo frock made of the finest muslin will serve quite well. But there is a chill in the air, and so when I go into town to collect the post, I shall wear my periwinkle pelisse with matching bonnet and, of course, my pattens to preserve my shoes. Have I thought of everything? No, I have forgotten my parasol and my reticule where I keep my handkerchief and coins . I think I am now prepared to celebrate “Speak Like Jane Austen Day?” Shall we go?

For additional information, please visit The Talk Like Jane Austen Day site.


  1. Indeed, I am looking forward to this event. I will be pleasantly surprised as I know how pleasing I will sound. I have made an attempt to practice more efficiently afterall :D