Monday, August 23, 2010

New Austen Blog

Sharon Lathan and Abigail Reynolds, two of the giants of Austen re-imaginings, have started a blog called Austen Authors that will have its debut on September 6th. This will be a place where you will be able to keep up with what your favorite authors are doing. I hope you will bookmark this site and visit us on September 6th. More info as it becomes available.


  1. Just done a quick GOOGLE on Sharon Latham and Abigail Reynolds.
    I didn't know who they were.
    Sharon looks, well, phew!!!
    I'm just too old unfortunately!!!! Damn.
    Did I get this right, Mary, you are also featuring on this new blog?
    I shall definately have a LOOK.

    All the best,

  2. I will be featured on this blog once we get closer to the pub date of The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy in Dec. My picture should be up shortly, but no "phew" will be forthcoming.