Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five-star Review for Anne Elliot, A New Beginning

I received a five-star review from Grace Lociano at Books Like Breathing. This is especially gratifying because Grace has a reputation for not pulling her punches. For the entire review please visit her website.

In this adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Anne Elliot is tired of being a pushover. She has lost the love of her life because she let herself be influenced by Lady Russell and is constantly ignored by her father and sister. She begins a regular regimen of running and exercise. Through these activities, she gains confidence and the strength to tell all of these morons where to stick it. She is also able to make Captain Wentworth fall in love with her again by showing him that she will not be influenced by anyone again and that she is a stronger woman.

I love Anne Elliot. She has always been the one character that should have annoyed me, but I just can’t help but love her…  I also love how we got to know Captain Wentworth better. I have always been curious about his motives during his flirtation with Louisa. Although I could see his reasons, it always angered me a little. Swoosh, the streetwise orphan that befriends both Anne and Captain Wentworth, was awesome. He was so spunky, intelligent and quite adorable. He was one of the biggest highlights of the book.

This book was a treasure that I really thought… wouldn’t be believable. I mean, the idea of a Jane Austen character taking up running was as plausible to me as having Mr. Darcy walking to the middle of the drawing room and start doing the chicken dance… If the thought of Anne running was implausible, the thought of her gaining a backbone was darn near impossible. However, the way that Simonsen altered the story was ingenious. Anne changes so much because of one decision. It was amazing how Simonsen could pull such a subtle shift in character and plot without it being too outlandish.

If you are a fan of Jane Austen sequels and are looking for something different, pick this one up. I am looking forward to Simonsen’s next Jane Austen adaptation, The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy, coming out in January.


  1. I actually LOVE Jane Austen----this sounds awesome

  2. Congratulations on receiving a five-star review for Anne Elliot, A New Beginning! Such an accolade couldn't happen to a nicer person, and it was well deserved.
    I must hope to have the pleasure of congratulating you again in December when a certain desirable event, my dear Mary, shall take place. What congratulations will then flow in! Anne Elliot won't be the only one making a new beginning when your second grandchild is welcomed into the world.
    J. Marie Croft

  3. Thank you, Ladies. Joanne, you are a real hoot with your Austen quotes. I'm very much looking forward to my grandson's arrival. He will be a wonderful Christmas present.

  4. Congratulations for receiving such an amazing review. You definitely deserve it, Mary! I hope there are more to come.

  5. Congrats, Mary on your 5 star review. I loved your book and was so glad to see Anne with a backbone and reunited with her captain.