Sunday, August 15, 2010

90th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage

New York Times columnist Gail Collins has an excellent article on the approaching 90th anniversary of women's suffrage. Here is a teaser:

"The story in American history I most like to tell is the one about how women got the right to vote 90 years ago this month. It has everything. Adventure! Suspense! Treachery! Drunken legislators!

But, first, there was a 70-year slog. Which is really the important part. We always need to remember that behind almost every great moment in history, there are heroic people doing really boring and frustrating things for a prolonged period of time."


  1. Hi Mary. Must send you a picture of Dorset House, just down the road from me in South Wimbledon. It was a safe house for suffragettes.
    When they had been imprisoned in Wandsworth Prison, force fed( tortured)taken to their physical limits, to the verge of death, in our penal system over here, once they were released, Dorset House was a safe place where many recuperated.

    Emily Davison, the suffragette who stepped out infront of the Kings horse during the Epsom Derby race and was killed, spent the night before the race in Dorset House.

  2. Tony, I did not know about Dorset House, and I would love to see a picture of it. I have seen the film clip in which Emily Davison was fatally injured. How tragic!