Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Results of Poll: Why we love Pride & Prejudice

There are still a few hours left in the poll, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most people love P&P because of Austen's wit. No surprise there. How many of us who are writers would like to have the first line of our novel quoted by millions of people?

It's nearly a tie for second and third place. We love Lizzy and her spunk. I know that as a shy teenager, I always wanted to be like Lizzy, and say all of those clever things. As for Lizzy and Darcy being perfect for each other, it's true, isn't it? At least it's true by the end of the novel. Fourth place went to P&P being a classy novel, followed by the setting of the Regency era. Because of film and TV adaptations of Austen's works, I think the Regency Era plays a huge part in why Austen remains so popular. Many of us only know Austen through these modern incarnations, and who cannot love the dresses and hairstyles, to say nothing of how good Mr. Darcy (pick your Darcy) looks in tight breeches and Hessian boots?

To me, the only surprise is that Mr. Darcy being our dream guy scored so low. My conclusion is that without Lizzy, Mr. Darcy is just a handsome man of wealth, rank, and prestige. It is Lizzy who brings the gentleman to life. Any thoughts?

By the way, doesn't the Marvel comic cover look like Jennifer Ehle and Matthew Macfayden? I suppose that was intentional.

P.S. I received a comment that someone couldn't read the results on the graph at left, so here they are:

Austen's wit. 19 (73%)
It's about Lizzy. I admire her spunk. 11 (42%)
Darcy and Elizabeth are pefect for each other. 11 (42%)
It's a classy novel. 7 (26%)
It's the whole Regency scene: clothes, carriages, etc. 5 (19%)
It's about Darcy. He's my dream guy. 4 (15%)
It's about the uniqueness of the Bennet family. 1 (3%)
Caroline and Wickham are deliciously evil. 1 (3%)

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  1. I voted for D&E perfect for each other. But I can't read the result clearly...

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