Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Results from Giveaway Poll for Searching for Pemberley

Here are the results of my unscientific survey for best loved of Austen novels:
1st Place - Pride and Prejudice
2nd Place - Persuasion
3rd Place - Emma
4th Place - Sense and Sensibility
5th Place - Northanger Abbey
6th Place - Mansfield Park

Pride and Prejudice was the clear winner. Of 21 votes, only three people didn’t make P&P their #1 choice. Persuasion was a solid second-place finisher. Emma and Sense and Sensibility were pretty close for third and fourth places, but Emma won by a head. Northanger Abbey was not too far behind Emma and S&S, but Mansfield Park was dead last (like my Diamondbacks). Of the 14 people who had read Mansfield Park, eight voted it in last place.

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. I’ll have another in a couple of weeks.

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