Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A New Poll about Pride and Prejudice

Most Austen fans became hooked on her writing because of Pride and Prejudice (or because of the various film and TV adaptations of it). But what do we find so attractive about a 200-year old novel? I hope you will enter my poll (at left). You may choose up to three answers. Leave any additional comments here.


  1. My number one reason has to be Lizzy's "spunk." She's so unique, especially for her time.

  2. They're the perfect couple - on their own, neither would really shine.

  3. Francy, I was so shy as a teenager that I wanted to be like LIzzy b/c of her spunk, so that was my #1 reason as well. Lilo, I think Darcy and Lizzy do make the perfect couple, but I think Lizzy would shine w/o Darcy, but not the other way around.