Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Austen Quips - Part 4

*After a year of marriage to Lydia, Wickham volunteers to go fight Napoleon's forces in Spain—less stress.

*Tired of making so many trips to the punch bowl, Mr. Hurst pulls up a chair and inserts a funnel he had hidden in his sleeve.

*It is Mrs. Hill who points out that Mary is the only one who eats sour grapes.

*Unlike most employers who are using Free Credit Report.com before hiring, Darcy did not do a credit check on Mrs. Yonge, who had a really crappy credit score.

*Austen: Something I read, but I can't remember where. When something bad happens in Jane's novels, they happen or someone learns about it on a Tuesday. Apparently, she also didn't like Ramsgate, and nothing good happens there.

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