Thursday, April 22, 2010

Austen Quips - Part 3

*Col. Fitzwilliam was thinking about marrying Anne De Bourgh until he realized who is mother-in-law would be.

*On their wedding night, when Charlotte explained to her husband what “consummate” meant, Mr. Collins accused her of having a potty mouth.

*Jane Austen wrote letters to her niece, Anna Jemima, but waffles and syrup were never mentioned.

* In a letter to her sister, Cassandra, Jane Austen described Anne Elliot as “possibly too good even for me.” Ya think?


  1. Well I don't know about Jane and Jemima but I'd love a plate of waffles and syrup.I'd go out for a long run later to burn off the calories though.
    Jane and Jemima were more likey to eat cheese on toast or Welsh Rare Bit, or whatever you lot call that. "Potty mouthed," do you mean, "mind like sewer?"

    Being English, am I missing the point here altogether? Am I being too literal?
    After all we have that great divide between us called the English language.

  2. Aunt Jemima is a famous brand of waffles here in the States. Here's the jingle:

    "Aunt Jemima waffles without her syrup is like the spring without the fall (autumn). There's only one thing worse, in this universe, and that's no Aunt Jemima at all."

    Yes, potty mouthed means "like a sewer."

    Now, what is Welsh Rare Bit? Rabbit?

    I love the differences in our common language although it means I miss a lot of the jokes on British TV.

  3. Mary,what am I thinking of, of course I know what, "potty mouthed," means. Some of those phrases get underused at times here. Actually, a mind like sewer would be a source of somebody using foul mouthed language. Well, a mind like a sewer or a kick in the shins.

    Come to think about it, driving in London has the same effect onme. I forgot, I DO KNOW some great basic anglo saxon words to be used in traffic.

  4. Mary, the BBC recipe for Welsh Rare Bit.

    You could try it out on your husband or friends.

    You probably have cheese on toast, but if not, it's was it says in the title.
    A GREAT, QUICK SNACK!!!! Mary.