Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Blog - London Calling - Great Pictures

London Calling is a fairly new blog by Tony (aka Southerner). He has the advantage of living in England and visiting places most of us only dream about going. Even better, Tony posts lots of pictures of places where our beloved Austen characters might have lived. His photographs are beautiful and another reason to visit his blog. Right now he has a picture of a Victorian bathing machine and a post on miniature portrait painting on ivory, which he tried. Very interesting.


  1. Mary, you are very kind. I really appreciate this.


  2. Hi Mary,
    Amazon have just sent me a copy of your novel, Searching for Pemberley. I am looking forward to reading it doubly.First of all I'm interested to see how you have woven Jane Austen's novel into a tale about WW11 and secondly because of my own families experiences of war time England.Nobody had a good war. My parents and grandparents were drained and devastated because of their experiences of war time Southampton. I was born in 1952. I had a ration book for the first year of my life.

    I warn you, I shall be critical. In the nicest possible way of course, Mary.

    I wonder what the weather is like with you? We have a mild day, slightly overcast but with some sunny intervals. It's 5 degrees centigrade here. Not quite warm enough to swim in, The Channel though.

    All the very best,