Monday, February 8, 2010

Emma on PBS

I have finished watching Masterpiece Classic's Emma. The last two hours were much better than the first two, and it was good to see Emma grow into a person we could like. I still prefer the Paltrow/Northam movie for a number of reasons. There was not enough humor in this adaptation. Knightley was too slow in revealing his developing affection for Emma. Emma's sister and brother-in-law seemed to be quarrelsome. Frank Churchill was totally undeserving of Jane Fairfax, and I didn't care for the Eltons. I did like Jodhi May's performance, and Johnny Lee Miller was a pretty good Knightley. The scenery was gorgeous, but the middle dragged while the ending was rushed. In short, I won't be buying the DVD. If you would like to share your thoughts, please do.


  1. Does anyone care for the Eltons? :P I enjoyed it.

    Thanks for an excellent blog with lot of splendid reading!

  2. I just finished my recording of "Emma" tonight. I wanted to like it, but it did not have the wit and humor that was in the book, or that was in the Gwyneth Paltrow movie. I liked the last installment best of the three, but I was not attached to anyone in particular. I thought it was filmed beautifully and they had a first rate cast, but it fell short and it fell flat.

  3. Jakeline - I did not like the Eltons at all. I thought this Mr. Elton was doing a caricature of the Paltrow/Northam Mr. Elton. As for Mrs. Elton, that poor actress gets all the snooty roles. She was the nasty Blanche in Jane Eyre and the mean Caroline Bingley in Lost in Austen.

    4giveMeJane - I agree with what you said. Everything hinged on Emma, and the actress just couldn't pull it off. It would have helped if there were a few chuckles in the script. However, Romola(?) did mature in her role.