Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emma on Masterpiece Theater on January 24

Muse in the Fog has information on the newest adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. One of the followers of my blog, M. Gray, has given it the thumbs up.


  1. Ohh, I watched this a couple weeks ago. It was great!! I was a bit hesitant about the actress since she played a silly girl in Daniel Deronda but she won me over and I absolutely loved Mr. Knightley in this one.

    Congrats on your book!! I added it to my "wish list" on Amazon and plan on buying it soon. It looks great! And thanks for reading my interview on Maria's blog. She is SO great.

  2. Hi M. Gray. I'm glad that you enjoyed this Emma b/c I didn't like the one with Kate Beckingsale(?) at all. I enjoyed your interview. Now that I'm not on a blog tour, I'm trying to visit other sites to see what is going on. And there is a lot!

  3. I didn't go for this version much - it seemed very slow to me and only livened up at the end!