Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interview on Fresh Fiction

I have been on a blog tour since November 18, and it has been so much fun. Today, I was interviewed for where I was asked about my writing habits. Here is a part of my response:

"When I begin writing a story, I start with a “brain dump;” that is, I type out a very rough draft of a chapter. Once I have that down, I want my mind to be empty of all other thoughts, so I go for a long walk or I engage in some mindless task, such as sweeping the patio or pruning my shrubs. But when I really need to concentrate on a scene, my favorite thing to do is to get out my Shark steamer and clean my tile floor. Although my husband has gotten used to me talking to myself while I clean the floors, he’s still puzzled why I find it necessary to speak with a British accent. But it does make a difference. If I’m writing about a character from Britain’s upper classes, I talk in a posh accent. If I’m writing dialog for a servant, I affect a lower class accent (my thanks to Masterpiece Theater for producing Upstairs Downstairs, which has both)..." For the complete interview, please visit Fresh Fiction. This is a terrific site.


  1. Excellent! Perhaps I should hone my British accent...

  2. Watching all those Masterpiece Theaters over the years has paid off!