Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Review for The Second Date - From Books Like Breathing Blog

I know The Second Date does not have an Austen tie-in (except for my main character who is an Austen fan and an editor), but it is getting very good reviews because it is funny. And I can now say that because that's what the reviewers are saying. I hope you will give it a look by clicking on the picture in the sidebar. Maybe this review will help you decide.

"I have never really read a book where the image of an Italian-American was positive. From my childhood I have been bombarded with images of the stereotypes of Italian culture. Mafia bosses, goons, murderers, whacking. Not at all what I have grown up with as an Italian-American… The Second Date was completely different. Not only were the people familiar but the behavior, the language, the dialect was all a page from my life. I found myself laughing out loud in many places because it was so familiar. It would be lovely to see a book like this sitting next to Mario Puzo’s novels as representations of Italian-American culture. Or better yet, replacing it altogether… The romance was also good. Nick and Sonia were so cute together. But it was the portrayal of Italian-American culture that was the shining star in this book for me at least… I was really pleased with this novel.

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